I felt like a whale, I ate unhealthily and my stomach was bloated, but everything changed when...
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Last year I turned 50. This was some sort of a landmark, when I realized that I was over the hump already. My wife and children started to suggest that I take care of myself finally. 

That was true, my belly was large. I just felt bad, not to mention the fact I had to buy new clothes every once in a while. Climbing to the first floor was a challenge beyond my strength. 

I was too tired to do the cleaning

I tired when doing the simplest of houseworks, so I stopped helping my wife in the kitchen and with cleaning.

That time, I was thinking that this is what being old looks like, that nothing was going to be like it was before. 

Our children bought me a vacation trip to the seaside, as a birthday gift. I was terrified. Doing shopping and walking the dog was beyond my capabilities - so, how was I supposed to walk along the beach, or, say, take off my shirt. 

I was trying to change it

Two months were left to leave and I started trying to slim down, nervously. Appointments at the dieticians, trying out diets, one after another, which brought no results. I gave up carbs first, then - meat - it was even worse. 

I even tried to take fibre supplements that I had bought on an Internet auction. The stomach seemed to swell instantly. 

Finally, I couldn't bear it and told myself I had enough of these diets, I am what I am, and I'm not going on any vacation. 

My wife was not pleased with this, so I preferred to leave house - I went to the pub with my friends to watch a match. 

I felt badly when they made fun of me

We hadn't seen each other in some time, so they were surprised with my appearance and said: - Richard, you're swollen! 

It turned out that one of them had had the same problem. A huge belly, diets that gave no results and less strength.

He advised that I should try to clean my body. He gave me the website address of Mapa Zdrowia which had in fact saved his marriage.

When I entered the website, everything changed

I was browsing the website. I was delighted with the customer service. The dietitian I contacted on a live chat said that a stomach bloated that much could be a result of waste matter that has accumulated and decayed in bowels. 

I decided to purchase Fibre Primvital.

I received a lot of specialist advice, several useful books and an entire instruction on cleaning my body. Even then, before I started to use Fibre Primvital, I felt like I was younger. 

The parcel arrived very quickly. Without waiting, I started reading the guides and I prepared my first fibre concoction.  This turned out to be very simple.

I made my first body cleansing mixture

1. First, I poured some lukewarm water into a glass.
       2. Then, I measured out the recommended amount of Fibre Primvital.
       3. I stirred it and waited a couple of minutes.
       4. I drank it.
       5. Throughout the day, I drink a minimum of 3 litres of water.

I had always associated herbs with some horrible taste and smell. The fibre turned out to be tasteless

I was shocked to see what was inside me

Only one hour later I was in the toilet. I was expecting a massive diarrhoea and some other unpleasant effects, but nothing like that happened. However, I was terrified by what had been inside my body. 

With time, I enriched my morning fibre recipe. I sometimes throw it in my kefir, add some honey and fruit. 

I felt lighter. I did not have any migraine attacks and going shopping became easier. I got rid of a kilogram of toxic deposits*. The relief was amazing. 

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Everything changed

My kids could not believe it when they saw me. They thought it was some new diet.

I went on the vacation, I walked along the beach like a young man, I had a lot of energy throughout the day. 

I had not believed that I could run up the stairs so lightly and without being short of breath. 

The doctor was surprised with my medical test results

When I cleansed my body, everything changed. In order to confirm the splendid effects I went to the doctor's to have medical tests. The results were nothing short of sensational. 

You should try it, too. It's simple

Now, I recommend Fibre Primvital to all my friends. I am now on my another package, running out, so I wrote the letter to Mapa Zdrowia when I was making the next order.

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* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.